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What is Authentic Thai Massage?

Authentic Thai Massage

Authentic Thai massage displays an inherent knowledge of the inner workings of the body, a knowledge developed over centuries of practice. There is something in the essence of this work that appeals to a wide range of people on a core level; something that satisfies their physical and emotional needs, and perhaps even assists with their spiritual needs too.

The work is effective because it treats the person with respect, while encouraging them to let go of physical & emotional restrictions, and to go beyond present limitations. Or, as one client observed, it is:

‘A whole and total approach to wellness [which allows you to] feel in harmony with the rhythms of life.’

This ancient therapy is beneficial for young or old, healthy or not so healthy, active or inactive. While each person will respond to this work in terms of their own experience and present state of health, it is well to remember Thai Massage has been used for countless generations to treat degenerative conditions and promote wellness.

Authentic Thai Massage facilitates a sense of unity, wholeness and balance. It creates a dynamic physical experience which integrates the mind, emotions and the spirit. To find out more, why not have a look at the pages What is Traditional Thai massage?, The Scientifically Reported Benefits of Thai Massage, and The Origins of Thai Massage.

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